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Why LEDs?
2012-01-12 16:13:17

Why LEDs?

10 Major Benefits of LED

1. Long lifetime:
LED has a longer lifetime compared to conventional light sources.
LED will last 50,000 hours. No need to replace them frequently.
LED has low degradation compared to conventional light sources.
LED’s first 1000 hours of light loss will be under 2%!

2. Durable:
Unlike bulbs or florescent, LED won’t be affected by collisions and vibrations.
Also, LED’s emission of light will not wavered like the others.
This could certainly help in the automotive and marine world.

3. Athermancy and No UV:
LED produces less heat than conventional lights. LED operates at less than 80C.
No more burning of fingers! Also, LED produces no UV which makes it great for
lighting precious artifacts or paintings.

4. Decorative:
It has a wide range of color choices. It doesn’t need color lenses to change colors.
It saves lots of energy and cuts down tremendously on material cost. It is perfect for
decorative purpose.

5. Ultra Low Power:
Save up to 80% power usage by replacing a conventional light source with LED lamp.
Efficiency: LED uses much less power compared to incandescent light bulb (normally 80% less). Input: 100V–240V, Output: DC12V–DC24V.

6.Solid State Technology:
LED is actually a semiconductor. Unlike the other light sources, LED can easily be produced
and its functions can be controlled with a processor to achieve unique lighting effects.

7. Instantly Lighting up:
LED switches on to full brightness hundred times faster than conventional light sources.
It makes them more noticeable when used for directional or tail-lighting. Most luxury car
manufacturers have realized that LED lamp is more noticeable and stylish. LED blinks more solidly and can be brighter if used properly. Many law regulations enforce ambulances and
fire trucks to change their lights to LED technology for the same reason.

8. Less Wiring:
Lower operational voltage & amperage reduces line voltage drop.
This means LED has less wiring cost and brighter lights.

9. Resilient:
LED is naturally water proof, by itself.

10. Good for the environment:
It doesn’t contain mercury and other possible pollutants which is good for our environment.

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