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Products > SOLAR COMPONENTS > > On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
Product name : On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter
Product No. : 2KW-4KW
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On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

PH3000 Single-phase Series (2-4KW)

PH3000 series Energy Storage Inverter has capacity of 2KW, 3KW and 4KW,
it is multi-functional, combining functions of inverter, On-Grid, MPPT solar charger
and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size.
Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible
button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority,
and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

  • Rated power 2KW to 4KW
  • Smart LCD setting(Working modes, Charge Current, Charge Voltage, etc.)
  • Built-in MPPT 60A solar charge controller
  • MPPT Efficiency max 98%
  • Combining solar system, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power
  • Multiple operations: basic Grid-tie, Off-Grid, Grid-Interactive Parallel operation with up to 3 units
  • Support CAN, RS485 monitoring function with free CD
  • WIFI remote monitoring (optional)
MODEL PH30-2048 PH30-3048 PH30-4048
Nominal Battery System Voltage 48VDC
Rated output power 2000W 3000W 4000W
Rated output voltage and frequency 230Vac / 50Hz
Rated output current 8.7A 13A 17.4A
Output voltage precision 230Vac±1%
Output frequency precision 50Hz±0.1%
THD (Linear loads) Off grid≤2%;Grid discharge ≤3%;Grid charge ≤3%
Dynamic response speed(0←→100%) 20ms
Power factor Grid discharge 99.9% & Grid charge 99.9%
Overload capability 100%<load≤110%,30 minutes; 110%<load≤125%,1 minutes; 125%<load≤150%,30 seconds;load>150%,10 seconds; Short circuit,5 seconds
Grid / Off grid change time <10ms
Output wave sine wave
Inverting efficiency 80% resistive loads ≥92% ≥93%
AC input maximum current 17.4A 26A 34.8A
Acceptable input voltage range Defaults 186Vac ~253Vac; Narrow 174Vac ~272Vac; Wide    95Vac ~272Vac
Nominal frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated input voltage 48VDC
Allowed input DC voltage range 40VDC ~ 62VDC
Low voltage alarm 42VDC
High voltage alarm 60VDC
PV Open Circuit Voltage 145VDC
Max Solar Charging Current 60A 60A
Max AC Charging Current 40A 60A 80A
LED indication Systematic operation, indication of charge and discharge, indication of fault
LCD display output voltage, output current, grid voltage, grid current, voltage of storage battery, load power, chart of capacity
Protection Function Input LV protection;Input OV protection;Output overload protection;Output Short Circuit Protection
Mounting Wall mounted
Machine Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm) 337*462*183mm 337*462*183mm 370*462*183mm
Package Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm) 476*602*325mm 476*602*325mm 476*602*325mm
Net Weight (kg) 25 29.5 35
Gross Weight (kg) 30.3 33 38.5
Communication terminal RS485 / CAN bus
Operation Temperature Range 0℃  ~ +50℃
Environmental Protection Rating Indoor(IP20)
Ambient humidity 0 ~ 90% relative humidity(non-condensing)
Altitude ≤2000m

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